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"Typical repro" on left - FPI part on right.
"Typical repro" on left - FPI part on right.

Radiator Mounting Leather Pads
The "typical" reproduction leather mounting pads are simply NOT correct and cause problems with radiator/hood alignment as well as damage to the radiator mounting apron caused by frame rivet heads "dimpling" the underside of the radiator. In the pictures at left the "typical" repro leather pad is shown next to the Fun Projects pad. Our pads are made exactly to Ford original drawings here on file. Notice how much thicker our pads are and also that the hole pattern is off center by design to thus allow the pad to cover the entire frame end for best radiator support. Our leather is tough belting leather and not easily compressed. Use of the thinner pad allows the radiator apron to sit on the frame rivet heads instead of the pad. Hood alignment is also then typically off by being lower at radiator than at the body.
  • Correct thickness leather provides proper radiator support
  • Heavy duty tough belting leather used
  • Made exactly to Ford drawings
  • Improves hood fit and alignment
  • Larger pad area than "typical repro"

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3928   Radiator Leather Mounting Pads - 1 Pair     $6.85  

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