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Model T Generator 3rd Brush Wrench

Model T Generator 3rd Brush Wrench
This handy tool is an exact copy of the original Ford 5-Z-806 special wrench. The correct adjustment of the generator charging current is provided by the correct setting of the generator 3rd brush once the generator is installed on the car. Servicing of the 3rd brush ring locking nut inside the generator can now be easily accomplished. A conventional wrench will not work for this purpose because of the close proximity of the frame rail to the T generator housing. The small end of this wrench is for the 3rd brush locking ring nut while the large end fits the armature stud nut.
  • Exact copy of Ford 5-Z-806
  • Stainless steel construction
  • A "must" for properly setting up the T generator

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5Z806   Model T Generator 3rd Brush Wrench     $9.95  

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