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CPT-1 shown in position.
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Coil POint Cushion Spring Adjustment Wrench
This tool is an aid to proper adjustment of the Model T Ford coils and other "buzz" type ignition coils that use the 1913-1927 style KW ignition points. In particular this tool allows the technician to increase or decrease the tension on the Cushion Spring portion of the upper points Bridge. The slot at one end of the tool will fit the thickness of the typical reproduction point set while the slot at the other end fits the original Ford and KW points. The tool is used in conjunction with either a Hand Cranked Coil Tester (HCCT) or the Fun Projects Strobo-Spark Coil Tester Model CT-1.

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CPT-1   Coil Point Cushion Spring Adjustment Wrench     $9.95  

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