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Model CT-1 Model T Coil Tester
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Spark window display of normal and "double sparking" coil.
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"Strobo-Spark" Model T Ford Coil Tester
Up until now the only way to properly set up a Model T coil has been to adjust it using a Hand Cranked Magneto Coil Tester. Now there is an even better way. The CT-1 Coil Tester is NOT just another "buzz box" type coil tester but an accurate instrument that combines the abilities of the hand cranked coil tester with a TIMER and magneto voltage control to simulate actual real time operating conditions at REAL engine speeds. In addition this tester has a direct reading Capacitor test feature that accurately gauges the condition of the coil's internal capacitor. The operator can also raise and lower the magneto voltage in 3 steps to help isolate coil problems that occur only under weak or strong magneto conditions. The spark window quickly shows correct coil operation as well as misfiring and/or "double sparking" problems. Lightweight and simple to operate, the Strobo-Spark can tag along with you on tours.
  • Tests Ford or KW 1913-1927 ignition coils
  • Direct reading of coil internal capacitor value
  • Direct reading of coil internal capacitor leakage
  • Accurate current meter reads precise coil operate Amps
  • Strobed spark display to detect misfiring and "double sparking"
  • Operator control of magneto test voltage in 3 steps
  • Lightweight - take it with you anywhere.
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Owner's Manual

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