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Model CT-2 "Coil Beeper" T Coil Winding Checker
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CT-2 aligned with typical T coil for testing
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Model CT-2 "Coil Beeper"
This hand held tester is designed to provide a quick check of the high voltage (HV) secondary winding of the typical Ford and KW Brand Ignition Coils as used in the Ford Model T from 1913-1927. A defective HV winding is a common problem found with these coils and is considered a "FATAL" fault that cannot be practically repaired. This device is NOT a simple continuity checker but rather is a precision measuring device that requires the HV winding to be within a specific range of resistance to thus indicate the winding is good. If the winding is good the "coil beeper" will sound a shrill "beep". If no sound is heard - the coil winding is defective. Simply align the CT-2 electrodes with the coil side terminals of the T coil and press firmly to test the coil. The CT-2 will sound if the coil winding is good and thus the coil can be successfully rebuilt. This tester checks the winding only and it does NOT perform a comprehensive operational check of the coil. For a complete coil final test - see the Model CT-2 Strobo-Spark coil tester.
  • Simple battery powered tester will test thousands of coils
  • Pays for itself at swap meets when buying coils for rebuilding
  • NOT simply a continuity checker
  • A "must" for coil rebuilders
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