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Hot Shot Charger Kit and Battery (battery sold separately)

Hot Shot Battery/Charger Kit
This battery and charger kit arrangement is a simple means of providing "hot-shot" battery starting power to the non-starter equipped Model T. It features a simple charger kit to automatically recharge the 6V sealed lead acid battery shown. This battery is the cylindrically wound cell type that can be installed in any position. The charger kit does not require any "on-off" switch since it simply does not provide any power to the battery unless the engine is running. Current limited charge current is drawn from the magneto sufficient to keep the battery maintained. Since the charger only allows a small portion of power to be taken from the magneto, the T will run fine on original coils and good magneto even as the battery is charging. This current limiting also protects the magneto from any damage should the rectifier diode fail. Carefull current limited design makes this device not to pose any danger to the magneto coil or magnets from the possibility of the battery being connected to the magneto post.
  • Simple to build and install
  • Fail safe operation poses no threat to magneto
  • No complicated wiring or switchs required
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HSBCK1   Hot Shot Battery Charger Kit for Model T (Does not include battery)   PDF   $24.35  

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